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Specialised First Aid & CPR Training for Carers and Educators in North Lakes

Welcome to First Aid Courses in North Lakes, where my mission is to empower YOU to save lives and enhance safety in your community or workplace. Specifically designed for Workplace Safety Officers, Parents, Teachers, Support Workers, NDIS Providers, and Support Professionals, our training courses are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the Disability, Aged Care, Foster Care, and Child Education sectors.


Why Choose Beeline Training Academy Training?


The Lifesaving Importance

Our industry-specific courses, as highlighted by David Every at Beeline Training Academy Brisbane, underscore the profound impact of first aid and CPR training in providing a safer, more compassionate environment in the disability and aged-care workforce.


Industry-Tailored Curriculum

This is not just any first aid course—our 1-day First Aid & CPR Training Course is a targeted educational experience that equips you with the skills to handle emergencies with confidence and competence.


Empowerment Through Knowledge

Learn how to:

  • Conduct Manual Tasks Safely to prevent injuries

  • Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting to ensure the well-being of children and vulnerable individuals

First aid is not a substitute for
professional medical care, but it can mean the difference between
life and death.


Hear from one of our satisfied Students


"This is the most well-structured first aid training I have done... It is very reassuring to have some knowledge about what to do in a number of first-aid situations... The trainer transmitted a genuine sense of keeping calm under pressure which is a valuable takeaway along with the first aid techniques." — Eloise


Our trainees leave the course not just with a certificate but with a sense of confidence and responsibility towards those they care for.


Meet your Trainer, David Every

With a career spanning over 30 years in people management, a decade as a qualified Trainer and Assessor, and 25 years focused on Workplace Health & Safety, I've had the privilege of making a positive impact across Australia. Based in Brisbane, I take pride in being an Australian business and doing what I love every day.

My passion lies in training "First Aid/CPR" to support staff and carers in the NDIS/NDIA Disability, Aged Care, and Foster Care sectors, as I have direct experience in these sectors. It's not just about generic First Aid training; I believe in providing industry-specific training using industry equipment and full body manikin to provide a real-world experience that is directly relevant to the emergency environments we work in when supporting the Community Services Sector.

How I teach my Courses

first aid training near me

Are You Ready to

Make a Difference?


Take the step today to become a key player in emergency preparedness in your sector.

Access Our Tailored Courses


Don't hesitate. Book your slot and join a network of professionals committed to safety and care.

Remember, the knowledge you gain today can save a life tomorrow.

First Aid / CPR Courses North Lakes

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